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Name: Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III
Age: 16 (approximately), and looks his age.
Gender: Male
Canon: How to Train Your Dragon (movie)
Timeline: Hiccup will be coming from just before the events of the movie.

Character History:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/How_to_Train_Your_Dragon_%28film%29#Plot Plot of the movie is here.

Character Personality:
Hiccup grew up out of place. He was always the smallest, he was always the most different. Things that came naturally to everyone else he had to fight at even being a little average at. As such, he grew up with a terrible inferiority complex, convinced that because he wasn’t like everyone else, he was inadequate. It didn’t help that everyone else in his village kind of encouraged this by bullying, teasing, and looking at him and sighing. Hiccup’s natural gifts were barely acknowledged, and his failures were given far more attention than his successes. The only thing that counted in his village was killing a dragon, and Hiccup could barely lift a shield.

But Hiccup was not going to resign himself to his fate of insignificance. If there was one Viking trait he picked up, it was stubbornness. He was absolutely determined to be a Viking the village, and especially his father, could be proud of. The fact that his father thought he was useless was probably the biggest wound. But Hiccup’s talents lay elsewhere, and despite his best efforts, he only seemed to make the situation worse. That, in turn, only made him more determined to succeed.

What finally convinced him that maybe he didn’t want to be like other Vikings was Toothless. When Hiccup realized that he not only couldn’t kill a dragon, but he wouldn’t, he started to realize that he didn’t actually want the things he had wanted his entire life. What he wanted was to learn more about his new friend, who accepted him for who he was with no judgments at all.

But it wasn’t until he was in the face of ultimate loss, after the discovery of his deception, that Hiccup really put all the pieces together. Hiccup had almost shut down entirely. It wasn’t until Astrid reminded him of the strength and bravery it took to become friends with a dragon in the first place, and how much his best friend needed him that Hiccup snapped out of his deep despair and spurred into action. His determination was back, and this time he had the confidence to go along with it. Finally, everything came together: confidence in himself and his own true talents brought out a leader, a young man who had reckless and daring plans and the determination to make them work, even in the face of overwhelming adversity. At the end, there was hope for his continued growth, this time without the stifling oppression of a society convinced that only one thing was important. It would probably still be some time before he really got used to being in a village that liked and appreciated him just as he was instead of who they all wanted him to be, but he’d get past that. Probably.

Since he’s being taken from the beginning of the movie, Hiccup’s stubborn, bull-headed need to fit in will be in full force, and he will be entirely taken off guard to not only find himself in a strange city, but one where the Viking perception of what a person needs to be to help the village survive will totally throw him for a loop.

Character Abilities you would like to expand on further:
Hiccup is incredibly gifted with mechanics and engineering. He is always sketching and tinkering and building things he thinks will help him to get noticed and approved of. The thing is, his contraptions are way ahead of his time, so the Vikings can’t appreciate them because they don’t understand them or even why Hiccup needs to make these things. It doesn’t change the fact that Hiccup has a near-genius level skill when it comes to building and engineering.

Character Weaknesses you would like to expand on further:
If anything, Hiccup’s greatest weakness would be his insecurity and his deep-rooted conviction that ultimately, he will always fail. He never really acknowledges this sense of failure, but his repeated shortcomings and mistakes over the years cannot be completely shrugged off lightly no matter how hard he tries. It’s not something he lets get to him, but it’s not something that will leave him entirely until he’s fully accepted for who he is and he feels fully accepted.


What abilities will your character retain in Soul Campaign? Hiccup is a straight up human being, so he has no supernatural abilities that will be stripped from him. He’ll still have a very high skill level with building and engineering, but it will take him a little while to catch up with the level of technology in Death City. Once he does, though, he’ll be able to tinker to his heart’s content.

What weaknesses will your character lose or gain in Soul Campaign? Once again, this isn’t really applicable to Hiccup. If anything, he’ll lose the oppressive atmosphere of preconceived notions as to what a Viking has to be, and possibly feel comfortable being himself for the first time in his life. It won’t cure his insecurity, but it’ll help.

The wish Death the Kid made to the BREW in 2009 was to “rescue Death City and stop the waves of Madness from overtaking the world.” By whatever means necessary. Pretend you are the BREW. Why would you choose to bring this character to Death City?
Hiccup may not be the strongest physically, but given the chance and the right tools, he can be a clever strategist and leader, using the tools and people he has available to take on the enemy. Hiccup is incredibly smart, clever, and creative, and though his village might not consider him an asset to their particular method of taking on enemies, given the right encouragement and freedom of expression, Hiccup would be a strong player on any team.

If your character has difficulty verbally communicating or can’t verbally communicate at all (mute or non-humanoid), elaborate on how this will be treated in the game. Doesn’t apply to Hiccup!


Why is your character a Meister and not a Weapon?
I see the Meister and Weapon relationship as a very close parallel to the relationship between Hiccup and Toothless. Even though Toothless is the one with the wings, he needs Hiccup to be able to fly, and of course Hiccup can’t fly at all without Toothless. In the air they have to work together to go where they need to go and do what they need to do. Hiccup leads Toothless, directs his abilities and together they form a team that is greater than anything they could be separately.

Of course, I’ll be taking Hiccup from before the events of the movie, but that doesn’t mean he’s any less of a Meister. He was the one who initiated the relationship with Toothless, after all. Being a Meister just lines up with his personality nicely.

What is your character’s Meister Ability? Why?
Clairsentience, Electrifying Soul, or Soul Repair. Clairsentience because Hiccup is extremely talented with designing and building weapons and gadgets and machinery that is ahead of his time. Electrifying Soul because of his canonical connection to Toothless, who, as a Night Fury, shoots fire like lightning from his mouth. Soul Repair because Hiccup’s primary job at the blacksmith is to repair the weapons damaged during dragon attacks.


Describe your character’s soul with six adjectives.
Stubborn, persistent, clever, creative, kind, insecure.

What does your character’s soul look like? Be creative.
Light green, with round eyes and freckles.


Provide a First Person style sample in the form of a post to the DEMISE network.
[The video opens to Hiccup looking a little frazzled.]

Okay look. I’m getting used to the technology and stuff. I mean I know how to use everything now, but I’m still confused about where like, the line is between the whole magic and technology thing is. I mean the toaster looks pretty straightforward but how do the communicators work? Even the TVs kind of make sense, but…

…okay what I’m saying is that the whole “people turning into weapons” thing is still not sitting right with me. It’s like… how is that even possible? How can we even have all this awesome technology that we know how it works and everything and at the same time have all this crazy magic stuff that people just throw up their hands and go “hey it’s magic! We don’t have to know how it works because it’s magic! It’s all about your soul!”

Does that make sense? Because it doesn’t make sense to me. If someone can just sit down and give me a… reasonable explanation for everything I’ll be happy. You know? Just… you know. Logical. Or something.

[He sighs.]

You know what, forget I even said anything, this is stupid.

[The video ends.]

Provide a Third Person sample set during the last minutes on their world and/or their first few moments in the Kishin Chamber (http://soul-mods.dreamwidth.org/3401.html).
Hiccup wakes up to the sound of roaring and the smell of burning houses. He tumbles out of bed and runs to the door only to find a dragon waiting on the other side. With a gasp that was half exhilaration and half terror, he quickly shuts the door behind him and nearly trips over himself trying to get his boots on. Once outside of the house he dodges and weaves through the Vikings and bursts of flame and dragons to get to the blacksmith so he could help Gobber with the weapons. He wrenches open the door and…

…and then he isn’t in Berk anymore.

For a split second he thinks he’s still asleep, and the whole dragon attack was a dream. The room is dark and quiet… maybe he had just woken up? Or maybe this was just a new dream of some kind? But then he squints and he sees that he’s actually in a room he has never seen or even imagined before. As his eyes become accustomed to the darkness, he peers around at his surroundings as the horror slowly grows inside his chest, making his heart race, but not quite catching up to his head yet.

And then three large, bright… things suddenly flicker into existence in front of him and he yells, blinded and surprised at the sudden light. When the man starts talking though, that’s when the horror starts to catch up to his head. Hiccup stares, open mouthed, barely registering what the man is saying. Something about a… brew? Mead, maybe? And a war, and death, and weapons and… he can’t follow all of this. Not when there’s a giant talking head and a room full of… chains? He smacks himself on the face but no, he’s not waking up. He’s… wherever he is. And wherever he is isn’t home.

Whatever’s going on, he’s in way over his head.
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YEAH so if you have any problems with my portrayal of Hiccup, please note them here! Anon is enabled, and I will do my best to address your concerns with thoughtfulness, as long as you express them thoughtfully!


Plotting can also go here, as can general whateverness that can't be on plurk or AIM.
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[A: 729 Anderson Lane] [Hiccup is in the kitchen. He made a present for Klaus. He's been working on it for a couple weeks now, actually, and only just finished it yesterday.

It's a little working model of a dragon. Not exactly a clank or a robot, but more like a metal action figure. You can make it move and have it do all sorts of things. It's by no means perfect, but it's nice and it's cool and Hiccup put a lot of work into it.

It's sitting on the table.]

[B: Around Mayfield throughout the day] [Hiccup will be walking around, looking rather morose, kicking things with his prosthetic leg and just generally trying to avoid people who will think he's fake or have forgotten him or both. Maybe he's downtown looking at the still kind of sparsely stocked shops, or the Christmas decorations, or kicking at the snow.]

[C: At the forge in the evening] [The forge is lit, but mostly for warmth. He's doing detail work on a sword. It isn't for anyone in particular, but it's very well done. He's really become a blacksmithing expert with all the work he's done in Mayfield.]

((OOC: P.S. In case you didn't catch it, Hiccup has been ERASED and will seem FAKEY FAKE if not FORGOTTEN.))
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Hey, this is Hiccup. [HE SOUNDS REALLY NERVOUS.]

I guess now is a good time to say that if you requested something from the forge, it's all done now, you can come pick it up. We uh... we might not have time for me to take requests right now, but I do have some extra weapons and shields that I made if anyone needs one. Just let me know.

And... you guys? Good luck.
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Action Throughout The Day

[Hiccup is shambling through town after being resurrected post-abduction, looking rather... well. He's wearing a cape and tuxedo anyway. Never mind how it looks.

He's looking for his friends.

He's staaaaaaalking yooooooooou.]
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[Hiccup is taking a day off from forging okay. He's been at it kind of non-stop for a while and he needs a break. So this weekend is a break.

Unfortunately he can't really figure out what to do.

But that's before he finds a huge stack of books in the garage. He vaguely remembers when Klaus got these, but he had been a little... traumatized at the time, so he hadn't really thought much about it.

He picks one up and looks at it. In the description on the back it promises ADVENTURE and MAD SCIENCE and FRIENDSHIP and VILLAINY... and Klaus's name is right there.

He had no idea that Klaus was in these books.

With a grin on his face he grabs a stack and wanders off to find a place to read.]


A. In the living room of 729 Anderson, reading.
B. On the lawn of 729 Anderson, reading.
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[Action:] [Oh hey yeah zombies. Good thing Hiccup's got weapons and stuff. So he's generally around town fending off zombies.

With an axe.

He may or may not have a few extra weapons strapped to his person. Light ones that he can carry without too much difficulty. Just in case, you know?

He's really not sure what he's doing out here. He kind of forgot what made him think it was a good idea.

That happens sometimes.

Well anyway, it's too late now, time to kill zombies.

He's around town. It's probably pretty easy to run into him.]

I hate zombies.

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[Phone] Okay so I've got a few things that people requested from the forge? I can bring them by houses or you can come pick them up whenever. Basically if you requested something, it's probably done. So... yeah.

This is usually the part where I'd be taking requests, and I can still do that, but I'm working on a project right now so there's gonna be kind of a delay before I can start working on stuff. But yeah! For all the new people I've been hearing around, I'm Hiccup, I have a forge, and I can make weapons, armor, and possibly random stuff. Just let me know and we can work something out. I just got a bunch of tools back from home so it'll make making some really good stuff a lot easier.

[Action, after school] [Hiccup is working at the forge, in the backyard of 339 Brady Lane. He's actually doing something he doesn't usually do given the requests he usually gets. He's working on some kind of mechanism to do... something. It's a little uncertain. But there's a couple of diagrams of car engines.]
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Good morning, Mayfield, have you drunk your milk today?

Well the folks over at 729 Anderson Lane haven't, and Officer Milkman has had his eyes on them.

Long story short: Hiccup is droned.

A. 729 Anderson Lane [Hiccup comes downstairs this morning with a happy, cheerful smile on his face. He goes right to the kitchen, because it's time for breakfast!]

Good morning, everybody! Gosh, it's an awfully nice day out, isn't it? Maybe there'll be kids playing baseball in the park! Wouldn't that be swell?

B. Around town throughout the day [Still with that cheerful smile on his face, Hiccup will be heading downtown and/or the park to do the things boys his age do, which is go get a milkshake or play baseball in the park or whatever.

Or kill people. That's just jolly good fun too, don't you know?]

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[Phone:] So hi guys. Uh... I meant to mention this earlier, but then everyone got distracted with the whole Fourth of July and truth telling thing, so... anyway. The people who've been here know this already, but we've got a bunch of new people and I wanted to repeat my offer.

I'm a blacksmith, and I've got a forge. It's not that big, but I'm pretty handy with mechanical stuff and making things, so if you need anything, just let me know and I can probably make it for you.

Uh... and I've got a few things here that are finished but never got given out. If you requested something from me and haven't gotten it yet, it's done, just let me know and I'll get it to you.

[Action:] So like many others in town, Hiccup has received a package in the mail. He's a little wary about opening it, since the last time he got a package he lost his leg again (before getting it back, losing it again, and then getting it back again), but when he shakes it and feels it, he decides to open it and...

...it's the Dragon Manual. He blinks in surprise, then starts flipping through it. Yup. Just like he remembered.

So Hiccup can be found in one of three places today:

A. In the park, sitting on a bench and reading the Dragon Manual and making notes in a notebook.

B. In the front yard of 729 Anderson Lane reading the Dragon Manual and making notes in a notebook.

C. In the backyard of 339 Brady Lane at Quinn's forge, making a racket anyone on the street would be able to hear. All he's doing is getting car parts ready to be used as other stuff, but no one ever said forges were quiet places. If you want to pick something up, request something in person, or accidentally stumble upon a forge you never knew existed, now's the time.
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[So when he starts the call he sounds kind of astonished.]

Guys, I think I really am a communist.

No really. After hearing what it means, it... sounds a lot like the way things work back home. I mean, we kind of sort of have a system where you do something for someone and they repay you in kind, but we really don't have any currency or anything, and everyone just does stuff to help each other out.

It... worked really well. I don't see what the big deal is. Why is it supposedly such a evil thing or whatever? I mean if it works, it works, right?
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[PHONE:] Uh... hi. Sorry about disappearing I guess. Hi guys. I'm okay, I'm... okay.

Is uh... Is Ples around? I just... I wanted to... I want to say I'm sorry.
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[Hiccup has just killed Ples. But not before getting shot. Running away from the horror of what he's done, Hiccup has found his way to a pay phone and is now making a rather distressed call.]

Um. Hi? I need. I need some help. I uh. Got shot. And it hurts. And I'm kind of. Bleeding. A lot?

A-and b-by the way Klaus is.

He's dead.

So is Ples Tibenoch.

I um.

Thought you should. Probably know? I know a lot of people are dying and being killed and I'm sorry I just can't... no one cares, do they. It's okay I just. I'm just going to sit in this phone booth and hope I don't pass out or something? It'd be great to get some help but I know...

[...no one cares about me. That's the way he wants to finish the sentence. His greatest fear is complete rejection after all, and the consequence for not killing his target is the absolute conviction that no one really cares about him.]
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[Action: general]

[Klaus is droned. That much was obvious as soon as it happened. Hiccup has no idea if it's temporary or permanent, but either way it's depressing.

And then Hiccup ran into Astrid. The way she said hello immediately tipped him off to the fact that she was gone too. Astrid never talked like that.

So there it was. The man he looked up to as a father and the girl... well. They were gone. Talking to empty shells of them made him want to go somewhere quiet and smash his head against a wall. He didn't, of course. That would be stupid.

So instead he spends most of his time at the forge or just away from the house.

Hiccup, for the purposes of this post, can be found at the forge (339 Brady Lane), or in the park, just quietly sitting on a bench and watching the birds.]

[Phone: unfiltered]

Anyone who asked me to make them stuff, I've got most of it done now. Just give me an address and I can drop it off, or you can come by the forge and pick it up.

Anyone else who might want something just let me know.

013 - Phone

May. 3rd, 2011 12:10 am
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[Hiccup's been slightly in a daze since the prom since. OMG PROM KING. wtf. Still not really sure what that means, he's trying to forget it happened.

Part of that includes getting back into the forging business. Which is why he's making this phone call.]

Hi everybody. Just thought you should know that I'm still doing stuff out at the forge. If anyone wants anything, just let me know and I can probably make it for you. All I need are specifications and materials or a way to get the materials I'll need.

Uh... yeah. Just let me know. Don't worry if you're wanting something complicated, either. I can probably figure it out. It'll make it more interesting, anyway.

And... I guess just as a side note I should thank everybody who voted for me. Uh. Yeah. Thanks. That was kind of fun, I guess.
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[Phone call to Astrid, failed filter because he still can't figure it out]

Hey, Astrid? I uh... had a question.

[Action, mid afternoon]

[It is a beautiful spring day and Hiccup is sitting out on the front lawn with a screwdriver.

No, not that kind of screwdriver, an actual screwdriver.

He's making a few adjustments to his leg, you see. You know. The prosthetic one that has replaced his amputated left foot. That one.

Go ahead, talk to him. It's not like he's gotten enough comments on his leg yet. No, really.]
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[A: Outside 729 Anderson Lane] [Hiccup comes home from school to find that oh hey there's a package waiting for him. He stares at it for a minute before lifting it and shaking it only to find that it feels completely empty. Out of curiosity, he opens it.

The moment he opens it, part of his left leg disappears, replaced only by a bleeding stump as if it's just been amputated just below the knee. Naturally, he falls to the ground and screams.]


[B: Much later, over the next couple of days] [You'll find Hiccup getting used to walking around with his new prosthetic. Occasionally he'll grimace and stumble and possibly fall right over. But he always gets right back up and keeps going.]


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